Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Tank is In

The tank is in the ground and all piped in. There is a valve on the upside of the stone box to divert the water around the tank in the winter. There is an overflow pipe that has been piped down what will be the garden path in the center of the raised beds. The hole the tank went in was over 7 feet deep. Now we need to situate the pumps, wire the electric for the electric pump, and put in the standing pipes which will allow access to the "water gate" valve, and the access lid. Then back filling. We already let the water in. About 80% of the house roof is piped in. It rained the first night, and the tank filled (instant gratification) and overflowed (imminent engineering challenges) so we quickly dug a temporary trench from the end of the overflow pipe to the open ditch, and got the transit back out and shot grade for the remainder of the pipe to get the overflow diverted to it's end goal. Then, back to the store for more pipe.

On a side note... how many of you have a horticultural "head start" program operating next to your door? These are my divided perennials and herb starts for this year. Right now they live right next to the steps. I'm hoping to find them permanent homes in the landscaping around the garden shed sometime this year. But then, I will just get more.

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  1. It's odd sometimes what triggers a memory. The walls of my grandparent's outhouse were papered with covers from mail order seed catalogues of similar vintage to those on your blog. I remember being fascinated by them on visits to said outhouse as a very small child before my grandparents' bathroom was completed.