Monday, April 25, 2011


Alright, it didn't rain ALL weekend. It was nice for a few hours on Saturday afternoon. Sunny, windy just what we needed. After my house work was done I spent a scant 10 minutes planting onions before I headed to the front landscape beds to try to make the house look decent.

I bought the "Long Day Sampler" from Dixondale which contains Red Zeppelin (Red), Ringmaster (white) and Walla Walla (yellow). They come in a bundle of live plants which can be planted within the next 3 weeks.

I used my square foot grid and a peg which is the right size marked with the appropriate planting depth of 1 inch. All I do is poke 9 holes in each square and plug the onion plants in. It's very easy and sort of like playing tic tac toe. A few of them are smaller and need to have the soil sort of pushed in, but otherwise, round peg, round hole. Nothing easier.

Then I took a moment to plant some colorful pansies at the end of each bed. Pansies are my favorite. When I grew up in the greenhouse, the pansies were the first to flower, and were easy for little hands to pick and hold.

Vivian loves pansies too!

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  1. By God you ARE full of stories today, aren't you ?! Pansies are my favourite flower too !