Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary

As the strawberries have been ripening all this week, I have been sampling them and wishing I had some champagne to go with them. Because nothing goes better with strawberries than champagne. Since this is our anniversary, Tim went and got a bottle of champagne for me while I picked strawberries. Mike and Shelly happened to wander over just as we were popping the cork. They brought a card, more champagne and a great sign that will hold a place of honor in the garden shed. Shelly is better at remembering our anniversary than I am! I'm not good with dates, unless it's the last frost date.

There are still a lot of strawberries to ripen, and the good news is the anti slug measures have been working, and I haven't found one ruined berry!

The cats joined our afternoon of celebration, and ate too much catnip.

Vivian passed out under the horseradish.


  1. Happy Anniversary Tim and Brita !

    I'm horrible with dates too and one year I forgot Melissa's birthday entirely. Believe me when I say the date is forever seared into my memory ! I get jumpy anything up to a month before it !!

  2. The same thing happened to me with Tim's B-day last year. And I know what you mean about it being seared into your memory. I'm jumpy about it already, and have been for a few weeks. 18 days to go.

  3. In my case, D-day, or rather B-day is the day after tomorrow ! Hopin' it's a HAPPY birthday for both of us this year !! Yikes ! :)

  4. What a lovely anniversary. =)

    Vivian looks very content =D