Sunday, February 26, 2012

Passing the winter hours: Puzzles

Another activity to pass the time is puzzles. I enjoy jigsaw puzzles a few times a year. I rarely attempt one larger than 500 pieces. This one I picked up at the antique mall for half price, and it's a bit of a challenge at 1000 pieces. It still had some large chunks put together (thank Heaven!)

I've made it through the awkward stage where you are putting straight edges along the sides to see where you've forced pieces (they angle slightly) and am closing in on the stage where you are sure there are at least three pieces missing. And since this on is used, that could be true!

I've taken a break to wander around the yard in the sunshine checking to see what bulbs are up... daffodils only... and have put some stuffed pork chops and a frozen apple pie from the last of my apples in the oven (thanks Mom). Now, back to the puzzle board.


  1. A tomato puzzle! How neat, I have never seen one of those before. I love putting them together, but unfortunately all my inside critters love to take them apart.

  2. My trouble with puzzles is they consume my life until I've finished them. Which is not good when it is a large or difficult one that reasonably takes many hours. I end up obsessed, grouchy from too little sleep, and slightly crosseyed.

  3. I envy those who can do puzzles and have fun while doing so. Like Bif, puzzles aren't something I can walk away from. They tend to consume my life until I give up in utter and tired frustration fifteen hours and ten properly connected pieces after I started and throw the whole works in the garbage.