Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The Bluebird house at the corner of the garden
This year we put a Bluebird house on the corner post of the garden.  We enjoyed watching the birds all spring, and for the past few weeks, after the eggs hatched, each evening we could sit and watch them feeding.

Female Bluebird
The male and female took turns catching bugs and finding small worms in the lawn.  They would perch at the top of the Linden trees 50 feet away and regard us seriously.

Male Bluebird
"Hey, you takin' my picture?"

female feeding the fledglings
When they would land at the door to the house we could hear the babies raising a ruckus.

Dad takes his turn

Where's dessert?
Last Thursday evening I noticed that the fledglings were looking out and I expected they were about ready to leave the nest.  Sure enough, when we got home last Friday after our day in the orchard the nest was empty and quiet.  We still see them on the edge of the woods, but I miss my Bluebirds.

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