Thursday, August 8, 2013

And on a Happier Note: Mid Summer Status Check

OK, enough of the killing... here are the fruits of my labors.  Just how sprouty can your old potatoes be when you plant them?  The potatoes above have been providing up with taters for six weeks now.  The plant on the end of the row I have dug up and replanted three times!  There is always something there to eat.  But I've worked my way about half way down one row now.

The very bottom of the barrel went into the new bed.  I'm not expecting monsters but by frost there ought to be some worth while spuds in there.

It's been a trying year for gardening.  We've had records rains, weeks of dry but overcast, unseasonably cool... you name it, we've had it.  Despite the insect invasions, its easy enough to convince yourself that the garden is doing fine and then you look at photos of lush garden jungles from a couple of years ago and you realize just how badly everything is struggling.  My tomatoes, with the exception of the indomitable Japs, are sluggish and lacking in growth.  I pulled out the Sungold because it had not put out any new growth in a month.  The two plants closest to it are sluggish as well.  One might thing there had been some anti-growth compound sprayed on the garden.  I've even begun to question the potency of my compost.  But the photo above shows the potato and tomato volunteers which are growing like gangbusters in the shady back corner of the Poop Deck.  I've forbidden Tim to disturb them.  They may be the best hope we have!

The later planting of cucumbers is looking awesome!  I've always had good luck with this particular bed.  It gets a little more sun than any of the others.  And I admit there is a lot to be said for companion planting.  The Cukes and Bush Beans love each other and are planning on taking the world by storm!

This is the stage of the cucumbers.  In a week we will be picking from this bed.

Also thriving is the Black Beans also planted after the peas.

These were planted with the Dibble Board that Tim constructed for me.

What an easy way to make a couple hundred holes!!!

The Lettuce is planted for fall.  I started these in the basement on top of the upright freezer a couple of weeks ago.  They're hardened off and off and running!

And what's that?  A tinge of color in the tomatoes?  This plant was started from seed in the cold frame May 1st and it will be the first to ripen.  

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