Friday, July 10, 2015

July Update

The July Update:  
Tim wanted to use up the last of our old landscape mulch so we dressed everything up.  It looked so nice that I climbed up on the garden shed roof for a photo op.  I figured it would never look better than it does today.

The apple tree on the left with the herb garden and strawberries under the cage

The cantaloupes are in the chicken run

A view from the garden gate
with the water tank cover in the foreground

Looking back towards the coop and shed

View from the neighbor's end
Bed #1 Resting after Peas.
Carrots remaining and doing great.
I need to use them up so I can solarize this bed.

Bed #2 Lettuce Dwindling
Day old baby cucumbers down the middle

Bed #3 Tomato/Pepper Jungle

The Sweet Peppers are growing
But you can see the plants are suffering from the wet
with septorial spots and yellowing leaves


The eggplants are HUGE and flowering

My Barlow Jap tomato plant has a dozen fruit set

Bed #4 Peas on their way out

Bed #5 Potatoes

Bed #6 Cucumbers and Bush Beans

The Beans are Beaning and the Cukes are Cuking
There is a Squash Vine Borer Moth in my garden that is escaping capture!!!
Not Good.  Not Good at All!

The Herb Garden

The Summer Squash is producing nicely

The Cantaloupe are covered with flowers

But they've sustained significant damage from the Cucumber Beetles
The cantaloupes are not as gorgeous and unmolested as they were last year.  We'll still have melons but it isn't ideal.  Above is a close up.  The beetles chew on the stems and leaves and weaken them causing them to break or crush at stress points and wilt and kill those leaves or that whole branch of the vine.

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  1. I LOVE the pictures taken from the shed roof, it gives a great view! Your garden is beyond perfect, it is no wonder Jason loves it so much.