Friday, August 12, 2016

Too Much of a Good Thing

 We've had almost 4 inches of rain in the last two days and it has come all at once, not in a steady sprinkle.  Having so much rain all at once reminds me that there are certain advantages to being able to add the amount of water you want at the time you want it.  Even though it is tedious and time consuming day after day after day, controlled amounts of water make a garden much tidier.

Toadland with Portulaca
I've spent the time between the rainstorms shoring up stems weighed down by water, picking produce before it splits or rots, deadheading to keep the large spent flowers from breaking down the main stems and scattering slimey petals everywhere. 

I think one of the main reasons my zucchini have been such a success this year is that I've been able to remove every flower before it began to rot.  The earth under the plants has been dry and rot free.  I haven't had to cut out a single leaf and most years I would be pulling out entire plants by now before they were taken over by mildew.

The pristine zucchini jungle
My Petunias have been beautiful because rain always ruins Petunia blooms.  Instead I've been able to water under the stems protecting the blooms.

These volunteer Portulaca coordinates with the Petunias
Yields have been good.  The refrigerator is chock full of cucumbers and the tomatoes, although a little later than usual, are ripening now.

Tomatoes, Zucchini and Cucumbers
 I am most looking forward to the Cantaloupes.  I have over a dozen and the plants from the seeds I saved from some farmstand melons are producing large melons.  At first I was afraid they had been crossed with Honeydew or even a guord, but now the ribs are standing out and the webbing is becoming more prominent.  They will be larger than standard grocery store melons.

A large and beautiful Cantaloupe

 All of my planters are overgrown so I gave them all haircuts to get them back in shape and encourage new growth.   It has been years since I planted Dahlias.  I had given up on them because of slug damage but I no longer have a slug problem so I have gorgeous Dahlias.

The Coleus all bloomed at once.  I've cut them back quite severely and I expect them to rally again for late summer.
  My first attempt at growing Dill was a success and I used it to make pickles.  Despite supports, the 5 foot high plants are bending under the weight of the rain.

Tim has been monitoring the drainage and alleviating floods day and night.  Even though the garden beds are in no danger of flooding, I've been doing maintenance to preserve the plants for the coming sunny days.  Luckily there has been no wind because wind and heavy rain combined will topple just about any supports.  We have rain forecast for several more days.  Soon we will be longing for some sunshine.


  1. I'd gladly give you some of my sunshine in exchange for some rain. It's been weeks here without and the garden is suffering.
    Your flowers look so healthy and happy. Enjoy!

  2. Despite the problems with rain, you have managed to keep your garden looking good and being productive - which is what gardening is all about! Over here, our Summer has been very poor, with little sunshine but loads of wind. Not much rain either, so I have had to use the hosepipe a lot.

  3. I hope by now that the rain has cleared.........but in spite of all of that......your plants are beautiful! You certainly have a green thumb!

  4. Here in Montreal, Canada, many flowers have dried up and died because we have had so little rain this Summer and a lot of heat and humidity. Your photos are beautiful, thank you so much for sharing.