Monday, December 26, 2016


Since the two comments I received on the Christmas decorating blog mentioned the Ball Jar Winterscapes, I thought I would share some of my inspiration from Pinterest.
Winter is not yet over, so we can still celebrate with winterscapes (I leave mine out for a month or two) and if you want to do something like this next year you have a whole year to collect the right kind of glassware to work with.  You may even find some great village decor (trees and lamp posts) on sale right now.

All shapes and sizes, upside down, right side up.

Big and Little



Lamp posts and animals

Mayonaise jars

Cookie Jars

I love this one!
Putz houses

Salt Shakers


Simple or Elaborate

Just a couple of tips to leave you with.  I used epsom salts for snow.  Collections of 3 similar jars look great.  Tie some ribbon or even just twine, around the neck of the jar.  Display them in front of a sunny window.

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