Monday, February 20, 2017

Early Birds

We have been enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures for February.  Along with most of the country.  It is becoming more and more usual for us to get winters here in Western NY where you can spend a day or two sitting outside enjoying the sunshine.  What is not normal, is sitting on the patio on February 19th, watching blue birds fight over the bird house.  Two pairs.  I wouldn't expect to see them until May.  And now I want to build more bird houses.

Photo from June 2013
 Surprise #2 came this morning when on my way to work I spotted a small flock of robins.  They used to arrive mid-April.  The past two or three years they have been early, first appearing mid-March.  Mid-February is a record.  

I feel like I should plant peas or something!

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