Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Salad Bowl Gardens

I've seen photos of this idea on the web for a couple of years now.  And it seemed a nice idea for someone in the city who only had a balcony or a doorstep on which to garden.  Not really practical of course when you are in the habit of growing bushels of lettuce....

My Lettuce Mid-June 2015
And then, on one of my annual agri-tourism/reconnaissance missions,  I spotted salad bowls at the local mega-greenhouse.  And I wanted one!  Really badly.  No, do not pick up two dollars worth of lettuce for ten bucks.  No.  Put it down.  Even if it is really pretty and lush and colorful.  I already have fourteen lettuce plants at home which, within a week or so, will be supplying us with all the lettuce we can eat for the next month.  And I have another thirty six or more seedlings waiting in the wings.

Now, if you have neglected to seed or plant lettuce yet this year, this may be a fun way to start your summer garden.  But if, like me, you have dozens of plants waiting for you at home, I suggest you grab a pot and plant up an assortment of colorful lettuces now so if you do run across these expensive little works of art, you will be able to resist too.


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