Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter ~ Dreaming of Gardening

With seed starting still almost a month away, I have finally allowed myself to think about gardening.... just for a minute. I went through my old seed packets, cleaned house, consulted my garden layout, and made a list of things to order. Next I sourced some of my favorite hard to find items such as White Pearl Cucumbers, and Ichiban Eggplants. Thank you Google! Next week I will begin ordering.

In the meantime, my husband and I have had gardening in the back of our minds. I am looking forward to putting in raised beds. My husband, prone to flights of fancy, has (as usual) deviated from "things important to me", and created his own project. He has been watching too much Living With Ed and has decided my garden should be completely off the grid. He has obtained a free 500 gallon tank, and has scrubbed it to within an inch of it's life, and is now planning to bury it next to the garden shed and route all the downspouts into it to collect water for watering the garden. He was also planning to put in a solar panel and batteries, so he doesn't have to dig an electric line out there. Thankfully, it was cost prohibitive. Estimated to be around $2000, and since I'm in the garden shed after dark, well, NEVER, that ought to have paid itself off in about 40 years. I will probably regret this when we get chickens again, and want the heat and lights on timers to increase egg production, but for right now, I'm glad he has given up the solar idea. Now if I can only get him out of the garage and focused on actually building the raised beds.....


  1. Hi there!
    Can I first apologise for the male species as I think project domination must be a man thing. It's something that my poor wife has to put up with from me.
    I think the tank would look better above ground and some nasturtiums growing out of the top!

  2. Yeah - we are expecting snow tomorrow SOUTH TEXAS. Holy cow - when is Winter gonna go away???..which way IS Spring?? How true!