Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Fever

I brought the potted catnip out of the garden shed and there were just enough fresh green leaves to get a kitty with cabin fever really excited.

22 days later... the eggplant seeds are still slowly coming to life.  One.  By.  One.   3 of the 5 varieties have produced teeny tiny little seedlings.  Eggplants are so sluggish at this stage.  This morning I started my tomato seeds and I'll bet in two weeks they will have out grown the eggplants.

The weather is beautiful now and I'm tempted to plant peas.  I think I will wait until Good Friday which is my general rule of thumb.  I haven't seen a single forsythia bloom which is another good benchmark.  My lettuce seeds in the cold frame are popping out with cheery little green leaves.  So Tiny!  Hard to believe how many salads they will produce.

I've done a cursory exploration of the perennial beds.  I lost one primrose and maybe a holly hock but everything else seems to have made it through that brutal winter.

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