Sunday, September 11, 2016


The other day as I was scrutinizing the melon patch counting cantaloupes and deciding what an be pulled and what can be left, I spotted an imposter peaking out of the leaves.  Wait a minute.  That doesn't look like a melon

That doesn't even look like one of my cucumbers.  That's an unnamed nursery variety that the neighbors grew - not last year but the year before.  Last year they grew Marketmore and that's not a Marketmore.  There were two of them and they were quite good.

This is the third eggplant this white eggplant plant has produced.  The other two were slightly yellow tinged but this one is deepening to a beautiful gold.  I haven't ever tried saving eggplant seeds but this is a good time to start.

Tim always seems to feel bad for the strawberries when I renovate the bed.  "Will they comeback?"  I admit the patch did look pretty closely shorn.  But give it a couple of weeks and it's back to it's old self.

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  1. After giving our strawberry plants a buzz cut with the lawn mower after they've stopped bearing, it always looks like we've done kilt 'em dead . . . but in only a couple of weeks they are always lush, green and growing again!

    Makes me think of the story my husband told me of when he was in Ag Class in high school. An old local farmer invited the Ag teacher and his class to come to his farm to give his grape arbor a much needed pruning. The teacher did so teaching the class as he snipped. When finished the farmer was nearly apoplectic (and was NOT happy) believing the teacher had "damaged" the vines to the extent of killing them. But you can guess it . . . the next year the farmer's grapes were the best he'd ever seen and he issued the Ag teacher sincere apologies.