Monday, September 12, 2016

The Hindenburg Disaster of Vegetable Proportions

We've all done it... overlooked something.  Usually its a zucchini carefully camouflaged under the leaves.  You didn't know it was there and then Gadzukes!

It happened to me tonight.  I was walking across the lawn outside the garden when something caught my eye.  Holy Cow!  Is that a zucchini hiding in the marigold?

It sure looked like a zucchini at first glance but upon further inspection I realized it was a cucumber aspiring to be a zucchini.

I was so impressed I had to go get the camera and try to put it in perspective.

Here it is net to your average sized zucchini.  That's an average size cucumber laying in the basket.  It's really not all that rain-bloated, it's just huge.   About the size of the Hindenburg. It would probably been a bit more edible a few days ago because this is not going to be a cucumber that you just peel and eat or toss casually into your garden salad.  Whomever decides to eat this cucumber is going to have to be real serious about it.


  1. It might be OK if you pickle it...

    1. I had thought of pickling it. I've also thought of using a 2 qt jar and pickling it whole as a novelty. But then you're back to the "too big to eat" issue. BTW it weighed in at 1# 11 oz and is 11 inches long.