Friday, July 14, 2017

Change Over

July 9th, the last of the peas and lettuce came out and the bush beans and second planting of cucumbers went in.

Baby Marketmore cucumbers

The cucumbers are doing awesome this year and I'm pretty proud of them.  I've been snipping off any poorly pollinated or curled fruit leaving the plants to put more energy into the nice ones.

The first cucumbers and a new row of bush beans

I love cucumber season.  

The tomatoes are doing well.  It feels a little weird not to allow the jungle to take over.

Very orderly tomato plants around the monster zucchini.
 Fruit the size of cherries

Celebrity Tomatoes now about the size of baseballs
  This is a good year for apples.  The tree kept over 30 fruit this year.  Today I bagged them and removed five inferior or damaged apples.  And oops, knocked one nice one off in the process of bagging.  I watched several YouTube videos on it and went with zip lock plastic bags instead of paper.  This is to keep insect damage to a minimum.  But actually, I'm hoping they just turn out cleaner than usually.  Our rain carries so much dirt with it, by harvest time the apples will be grey.  Also, it should discourage the deer from trying to pick them and knocking them down.  This Northern Spy is about as deer-proof as you can get.  Now and then I will find a fallen apple with all kinds of tooth marks on it, but they are evidently too hard to chew.

A previous year's harvest.  See what I mean about the dirt?  That grey all rubs off.
That is also the color our white shed doors always turned.
Once they're bagged, it is easier to see how many there are.  I bagged 25 and there are two, maybe three, I did not get bagged because I ran out of bags.   If there is a brand name on the bag, or if you write on the bag with marker, that will block the sunlight and supposedly, you will get a pale mark on the apple.  So you could personalize apples if you wanted to.

The apples bagged with plastic zip bags
We are still enjoying Daylillies

The Dry Creek Bed
Last year's project "the Big Drain"

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