Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Difference in Soil?

 Take a look at these two separate zucchini plantings.  These plants were all from the same seed pack, planted on the same day, transplanted on the same day.

Zucchini Bed A
Bed A is on the side hill where we originally grew potatoes.  We added soil to this area from the same top soil as we did Bed B.

Zucchini Bed B
 I have amended both beds with the same compost and amendments.
They both get full sun all day,  They are essentially in the same longitude in the garden area, about 40 feet apart.  They have been fed the same fertilizer at the same times.

Zucchini B
 And Zucchini B, just like last year, is a monster.
I think they like that particular bed.  I've done something different, and more right whatever it is. 

 Elsewhere in the garden, today was a beautiful day.

The Tomatoes with Nasturtium Ground Cover

The Tomatoes with Nasturtium Ground Cover

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