Monday, July 15, 2019

And now we wait

 Usually this happens in June.  There is nothing coming out of the garden now.  The peas are coming out and we are waiting on (in this order):

  • Zucchini
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Sweet Corn
  • Beans
  • Cantaloupes

We are still getting some cauliflowers.  The zucchini will be a pickable size next week. We could be using new potatoes but I am letting them grow so we have more this fall.

In this bed I planted a half row of late cucumbers and the rest is buckwheat.

The sweet corn is gorgeous.  If I look among the leaves I am seeing the beginnings of tassles.

The pumpkin vines are working their way out

In the beds that are resting, I am on my second planting of buckwheat.  
The first planting has already been worked into the soil. 
My zucchini plant is at the far end.

This year I got 3 or more female flowers before we got a male flower.  And I don't think the insects managed to cross pollinate them from the neighbor's garden.  So the first few squash will have to come off before they rot.  But it is loaded with flowers now and we're in business.

The tomatoes are doing well but the eggplants are sluggish and have not bloomed yet.

The Nasturtium are doing their thing as ground cover.
In fact, they are still taller than the eggplant

I am satisfied with the number of tomatoes set on each plant.
The containers and the raised bed plants have similar numbers.
There are a lot of blooms on all of the plants this week.

As you can see, the container tomatoes are monsters

They are taller and MUCH thicker than the plants in the beds. 

 The bush beans are growing fast.
Jade on the left and Blue Lake on the right.

We need RAIN!  I'm watering every other day, except for the container tomatoes which need their reservoirs filled every day.  Hopefully we will get some steady rain from the tropical storm that is on its way.  We could use an inch or two but not all at once.

We have a lot of Japanese beetles, but they are almost all on the porcelain party vine.  I have a trap hung nearby which is working well and it seems it is also directing them all to the party vine so they are leaving everything else on the property alone.  There are so many on the vine they are almost impossible to flick into water.  I start flicking which disturbs them and they come out in a swarm.  Good thing they don't bite.

The tall plant in the center is the wild milkweed which invited itself into the landscaping a few years ago.  Last year I did get one Monarch from it.  I haven't seen any eggs yet this year, but there is a Monarch flitting around for the past couple of days and the plant is in full bloom so it can't be missed.  I would like to relocate this plant to another spot I have picked out but with a very long tap root, they don;t transplant well.  At least I will have seeds for the first time.  That might help.

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