Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm tired.
I'm tired of fruit flies.
I'm tired of every basket and enamelware bowl, bucket and pot being full of potatoes and onions and tomatoes in various stages of ripeness. Apples in various stages of rot. And summer squash.
I'm tired of my tables, Hoosier, countertop and every available flat surface from the side porch on through to the dining room being covered in baskets, buckets and pots.
I'm tired of fishing peas/tomato skins/bean ends out of the sink drain.
I'm REALLY tired of cleaning my countertop composter. That is one stage of composting that is really.... vile.
I'm tired of washing pots/pans/strainers/casserole dishes and cookie sheets. And the stove top.
I'm tired of rearranging my freezer.
I'm tired of cleaning the tomato seeds out of the Foley food mill.
I'm tired of trying to optimize the usage of every bag, box, and bushel basket I've hoarded.
And I'm tired of my refrigerator looking like a disaster zone and being on my feet until 10:00 three or four nights a week.
But I'll never get tired of beautiful, colorful vegetables...

Or Mom's apple pie....

Or gardening in general.
But it sure is time for autumn.


  1. I remember somebody who didn't know any better asking my dad once what activities he did for fun during his down time. Unknown to the asker, dad worked from way before daylight till long past dark every day God sent. His answer was to point to his chair in the living room and say," I sit in my Lazy-Boy and I turn on the television and I look outside at whatever the weather is doing and I'm thankful I'm not out there in it. Sometimes I make it fifteen whole minutes before I'm asleep."


    I love what we do but I sure don't love every part of it equally. I'm about ready for some easier days, too.

  2. I'm tired of my kitchen bench being covered in seedlings! lol
    Even though spring has started here we are still getting heavy frosts & occassional snow, so I can't plant anything out for at least another month. *sigh* so I am living vicariously through your reports, tweaking what I want to grow this season, and squirrelling away relish & pickle receipes :)

  3. It'll all be worth it when you're sitting inside, relaxing and snacking on your preserves and such this winter!

    btw What variety are those white carrots? I've got to try some next year!

  4. The white carrots look better than they taste. The dark red/purple ones are quite good. It is a mix from Renee's Seeds called Circus Circus

    My grandfather worked the farm his whole life with only three vacations. But I do remember rainy afternoon naps, trips to the farm auctions, and plenty of ice cream! His hobbies were "farm hobbies". He collected arrow heads, hunted a bit and tinkered with steam engines and old cars. I don't ever remember anyone complaining of insomnia!

    When I get home from work, the first thing I do is run outside. Tim, on the otherhand, will be headed indoors to stretch out before supper. I can't wait to unfold and get out in the air. After a day of sun, wind, rain and dirt, Tim can't wait to get inside and be still!