Monday, September 5, 2011

Today's Theme: Out 'er Space

We are, errrr... outta space.

My hod was in the basement full of potatoes. All my yard sale plastic strainers that I pick into were full of Shelly's extra tomatoes which she wanted not to have to deal with. But I found one more and heaped the beans in.

I realised after the beans were picked that , due to last weekend's lasagna making spree, I had no room in the freezer to put a tray (I am also, coincidentally, out of Gladware, but that wasn't a problem at the moment). After some juggling I made room, and realised that a gallon of beans was not going to fit onto one tray. But if I used the deep tray of the broiler, I could stack them and not have beans freezing to the bottom of the top tray.

In the meantime, on the other side of the kitchen, I was running out of both casserole dishes AND oven space.

And when I ground down all Shelly's surplus tomatoes, I was precariously near to running out of space in my 4 qt pot.
In the end (at 11pm), it all got into the freezer. It just took some engineering.


  1. With a wife doing all that fancy cooking, I believe I'd have another freezer at her beck and call pretty darn quick. (Use this as a subtle hint to Tim) ! I'm feeling kind of fiesty tonight, can you tell ?

  2. I also have TWO uprights in the basement that I organise in to! My "working" freezer space is on the cusp of being maxed out.

    Satisfaction is: A full freezer
    Convenience is: An empty one

  3. Do you roast your tomatoes and then cook them down to sauce? Or were you doing 2 seperate things with them? I've just taken over the kitchen bench with my tomatoes seedlings (its Spring here) so I'm hoping to be doing cutneys and sauces in a few months time :)

  4. Yes, Anita, I roast them, grind them, then cook them down. Sometimes it only takes half an hour to reach a nice consistency. Sometimes a few hours. Cooking time is also influenced by volume. I try to cook them down while estimating when I have an even quart or two even quarts.