Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

The Fourth is here and the garden is in full swing.  The peas are all out, and the results are in.  From the first planting of peas, the yield was 19 cups.  From the second planting the yield was only 8 cups.  Same variety (Survivor), same amount, the reason for the difference is two fold.  The earlier peas had a much better germination rate than the ones planted in warmer weather.  Secondly, the dramatic heat in May reduced the number of flowers.  I may put in a fall planting this year.  I've had decent luck with them in the past and I have the peas purchased.  Some varieties are better for fall than others.  I chose Maestro (which I've fall planted before) and Wando.

In addition to the peas, we are eating potatoes, onions, garlic, and herbs.  The lettuce is still edible and we are beginning to pick smallish cuccumbers.  The first planting of Marketmore plants from the nursery are not very impressive, but the second row from seed looks good.  I think I'll try planting a third row today.  The zucchini will be big enough to harvest today or tomorrow.  The first planting of potato plants is beginning to die back, and I am removing the new potatoes one plant at a time.  Today I will trim the dead plants off the all of white potatoes and leave them in the ground a week or two before digging.

Believe it or not, the local farm stand began selling local sweet corn on June 30th.  The rule around here is "Knee High by the Fourth of July".  The farmers who gambled and lanted early in the warm spring are beginning to yield results.

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  1. Same rule in Ontario but even the field corn is beginning to tassel...three weeks ahead of achedule at least.