Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's For Dinner?

I'm always talking about growing food, but seldom about eating it.  On tonight's menu, besides a boring slice of ham, we have grilled Eight Ball zucchini, Circus Circus tri-colored carrot blend from Renee's Garden Seeds, baby red Pontiac potatoes in butter and Borsari Season Salt and a Sweet Success cucumber and Sun Gold tomato salad drizzled with Italian dressing.  And of course, homemade Reisling wine from Mike and Shelly's wine cellar.

That Borsari seasoning salt is a staple in my kitchen.  I use it alot on vegetables, potatoes and pork.  It is a friend of mine's old family recipe.  The past few years, he and his wife have gone into marketing this salt along with another salt, olive oil, and a delicious bloody mary mix.  If any of you have a Wegman's grocery in your area, Wegman's has picked up the salt and begun selling it under Wegman's label as "Garlic Herb Seasoning Shaker".  Same stuff.  A couple of weeks ago I ran into her passing out samples at our local Wegman's and she gave me a great Gazpacho recipe using their products and a lot of fresh veggies.  I may have to feature that someday soon.

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