Monday, July 9, 2012

On a more gentle note

These photos make me want to buy fancy tall jars with old fashioned rubber seals and can carrots.

Williams and Sonoma knows just how to market to people like me.  They have me by the nose.

But I rarely cave in and spend the money.

 Not even this spring when they tried to sell me a chicken tractor.


  1. Oh boy... now that looks like a dangerous mail order catalogue! I had a peek through there and they have SO many neat ideas! Too bad we really don't have any more cupboard space!

  2. if you decide to, I want to share the shipping and handling, great gifts of color for Winter and good friends. I saw them last year and ooooh so wanted them:)


  3. Melissa wants cluckingham palace. Yes really. Check it out online.

  4. Cluckingham Palace is very nice. There are so many great chicken coop designs out there I'd probably end up with a chicken village!