Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas, Good Yule and a Happy New Year

I have been a lazy blogger of late.  But I hope you have all noticed that the solstice has come and gone and we are on the upswing towards spring, with plenty of seed catalogs in the mail to prove it.

Last year I celebrated Winter Solstice by digging horse radish roots.  I need to do that this week.  We enjoyed lettuce from the garden until the end of November this year.  I had it covered under hoops, and it survived just fine until single digit nights did it in.  I had cut a 2 gallon container and we had fresh salads for another couple of weeks.

We planted four new trees from Big Horse Creek Farm in the apple orchard.  The varieties are Yellow Transparent, Chenango Strawberry, Esopus Spitzenberger and Golden Delicious.  Next year I plan to add Honey Crisp, Red Astrachan (neither of which survived to shipping time this year) and another Stark King David.

I added a nice selection of spring bulbs that I am looking forward to, and the first order of business this spring will be to replace my strawberry plants.  This time I've chosen Honeoye instead of a mish mash of freebies and clearance pots.  

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and enjoy the Peace of Winter.