Saturday, February 14, 2015

February Report

I have ordered and received my seeds for this year, and am anxiously awaiting seed starting time.  

I ordered Squash... but no corn
I am going to try some Jalapeno Peppers since some of my favorite soup/chili recipes call for them.
I have resolved not to bother planting onions this year since I use so few of them
I am not sure my resolve will hold ...
I always say I'm not going to plant any radishes or carrots.  But so many of those teeny tiny seeds come in a packet that I always have some leftover.  And leftover seeds just beg to be planted.
A new variety this year is Islander Bell Peppers which are supposed to go through the entire rainbow of pepper colors, including violet before ripening a deep red.  This will be a compliment to my Purple Beauty peppers that are born purple but ripen deep red.
Before we know it it will be time to plant Peas.  This year my structural investment is going to be the extra tall Pea Fence from so my taller variety won't fold over on me and make a jumble.

We are looking forward to another year of home grown cantaloupes.  This year I'm going to try them in large tubs.  I'll try one in the cold frame to see if the additional heat helps, and one in the chicken yard where they can sprawl all over the sand.
Of course we are first looking forward to spring lettuce.  I always get my lettuces from Renee's Garden and she has a new blend for 2015 that I'm anxious to try.

My Honeoye Strawberry Plants are ordered and will be here in April.  I am looking forward to their performance instead of he hodge podge of plants I'd collected before.  They won't produce the first year,

And what would a garden blog be without mention of bugs?  Perhaps I'll order
Praying Mantis again.  I love finding these in and among my leaves.  They are like garden mascots.

Have a Happy Valentine Day and THINK SPRING!