Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentines Day

I thought I'd do a winter update with vintage Valentines.  

It's been COLD!  I hope this is killing all the bad bugs.
We've been happily hibernating.

We're still enjoying apple pies from our over-achieving little tree.
Every apple it produced went int a pie and the pies went into the freezer.
All we have to do is take one out and pop it into the oven.

We've been making our own Korv (Swedish sausage).
We've gotten so good at grinding meat that instead of paying higher prices for ground beef,
we buy roasts on sale and grind our own.
I'm working on my seed orders.
I'm making silly decisions and planning to grow things I've sworn I wouldn't plant again.
I'm going to plant sweet corn and pumpkins and winter squash.
And Broccoli.  Silly me.

I will probably end up with loads of surplus veggies

Peas.  I've ordered way too many peas.  Several new varieties.
I just love peas!  We will run out of peas before we run out of anything else
so it makes sense to plant as many as possible

So that's what we've been up to.  Since I am planting eggplants and bell peppers this year, my seeding will start in a few weeks.  I'm also going to seed my own broccoli and several varieties of cauliflower.  I've never tried that before and have rarely grown either one so that will be a learning process.  They are cool weather crops so need to go in early.  I'll start them in a couple of weeks.