Saturday, March 19, 2016

Past Projects Update

It's time to come out of winter hibernation and get back to gardening.  Since garden activities are still hit and miss this early in the year, I'll get you all caught up on our winter activities and the outcomes of past projects.

A year ago Tim and I were headed to the local auction where I found the old Marshmallow tin that I wanted for a winter centerpiece arrangement.  It turned out very well and we enjoyed our little marshmallow snowmen.

The inspiration photo from Pinterest
Last I wrote we were also in the middle of the chimney cupboard restoration.
There was a lot of sanding to be done.  Luckily we had a very mild October and November and Tim spent many days outside sanding those nasty, lacquered, oil soaked shelves. After that there was priming to be done.  And more priming.

And painting and much scrutiny.

Then assembly

And more priming...

And finally the finished product displaying part of my enamelware collection.

We are now officially out of wall space in the dining room.  It's beginning to look really cluttered.  But not to worry... our next project is putting up another garage to replace the two car garage that is falling down around us.  Off the back of that will be a lean-to with a room for my entire Depression Era kitchen collection.  Not just the Hoosier cupboards out of the dining room, also the refrigerator off the side porch, and the enamel stove out of the basement and the laundry wringer off the front porch....  But we have a long ways to go.  In the mean time, today I have seeded the spring lettuce and placed it in the cold frame.  And so it begins...