Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More about this White House Garden thing.

Ground has been broken on the new White House Garden. I got to get me a gardening skirt!
And the Obama's got to get themselves a tiller!

I am all for gardening in any form, and I realise that everyone has their own tastes. But, my first thought when I looked at the White House garden plan was "There's no food in there!" I wonder if this is just the spring version and we have more summer and fall crops to look forward to.

Let's see, what do we have in there.... lettuce. Lots of lettuce. At least six kinds, with two spaces reserved for additional late plantings. Obviously all the state dinners will now start with an organic green salad. We're going to have to do something with all that lettuce. And I'm thinking Obama is going to have to learn to eat his peas. There are a lot of those. Which is great, I love peas. And Spinach. Three beds of Spinach in case Popeye comes to visit. And some chard, which, lets face it, is basically prettier spinach.

There's Broccoli... which President wouldn't eat his broccoli? The elder Bush I believe. Well, this one doesn't like beets So they will not be planting beets. Of course, the beet lovers are up in arms and crying descrimination. Not as loudly as the Special Olymbic bowlers though. I can't say I blame him. I'm not very fond of beets myself. And they aren't fond of me. They refuse to grow in my garden, so we get along just fine from a distance. Instead of beets, we do have another popular root crop.... carrots. I wonder what kind of carrots? They're probably going to try to make "Baby Carrots" or some pretty long slender ones. Doubtfully the big ugly kind that I end up with.

Then there is a nice array of herbs, onions, shallots, fennel, kale and look... Collard greens. I sure wouldn't want to be at a state dinner and be served Collard greens. I love them. Butt...they smell awful when you cook them, and awfuller after you eat them. I simply can't imagine. No wait, I can. I would love to see the media coverage after that event.

It's a good sized garden. About 25 x 50. They have a nice meandering walking path bordered by our old standbys Marigolds and Nasturtiums. I'm sure the Zinnias will look nice as cut flowers, but in late August after a few rains and heavy winds they will be lounging in the walkways. She'll just have to learn that the hard way. Like I did.

One thing I've noticed, is that most of these crops are fairly low growing and can be kept looking neat. I don't see any tall crops like corn or pole beans, and no wild wandering stuff like watermelons or squash. We wouldn't want anything ruining the view or providing cover for veggie-terrorists. And, of course, you have to think ahead with media control. I doubt anyone on the White House staff wants to manage the backlash of a press photo of the Obamas with their champion watermelon, and I can only imagine the social unrest if the zucchinis over produced! No one leaves the White House without a zucchini!

I guess I am just over critical of other people's garden plan. Lord knows I'm critical of my own. Everyone has to start somewhere, and this is Mrs. Obama's first try at it, so she should start simple. Nonetheless, their plan has given me wonderful food for thought. And I can't wait to watch this grow!

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