Friday, May 29, 2009

The Busy Season

I am SOOO glad I did not put my big vegetable garden in this year. Thankfully, my "pot garden" is done and thriving. The new landscape and trees takes almost an hour to water each evening and will continue to do so for another week until the roots are well established. Yesterday we got a good soaking rain emancipating me from my watering duties, and freeing me up for a photo scanning project I am working on for Father's Day. Here is the earliest know photo of me in a vegetable garden, August 1973 Age 2.

I have just made my worklist for this weekend, and even without the soil preparation and planting I would usually be doing, there is a ton to do... transplant myrtle behind new garage, weedwhack around the wild strawberries, turn the compost pile, mulch the rhubarb, label existing "pot garden" so I don't forget which is which.... I always think I will remember, and I never do. When growing many colors of heirloom tomatoes, it is important to identify which variety you are looking at. Otherwise, as I learned last year with my Cherokee Purples, you will not know what color you are waiting for the fruit to turn.

This week has been the week of the Iris at my house. I have been taking pictures of each of the different colors, and if my busy weekend schedule allows, I will get the whole collection posted over the next few days.

Happy Gardening!

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