Friday, December 17, 2010

A Gardener's Christmas

What do gardening and Christmas have in common? Well, in Western NY, not much. But with a little creativity, I've found I can combine two of my favorite things although, they are unlikely bedfellows. As I was flipping through decorating inspirations, I found this great Christmas tree on, and I realised I haven't done a blog on Christmas decorating.

Looks like she stole the idea from my seed packet fence markers! Maybe I'll have to make some myself and do a complete garden themed tree. Of course, the seed packet thing has been done before. These are two blown glass ornaments I bought back in 2008 from Smith and Hawken. The best parts about these is that they feature the Card Seed Co packets from a town near here.

Last year I found this little box of tomato ornaments at the local antiques mall. I wasted no time snatching them up for $2.50. Red tomatoes are a perfect subject for Christmas ornaments, and they also came from Smith and Hawken.

My favorite is a set of three big Heirloom Tomato ornaments (Red, Green and Gold). They are suprisingly difficult to photograph, but here are two of them in a set. I just got the Pea Pod off of Ebay and it is just as wonderful.

I miss the Smith and Hawken catalog, and I'm looking forward to it's return this spring, but in the meantime Sur La Table is a great resource for gardening themed ornaments. These are the ones I purchased this year. I love the green Wellie boot. I mean, who wouldn't!

And bring back memories of those hot summer days slaving over a batch of pickles...

And now and then I find some fun ones around town. These fun farm animals on veggies were found a few years ago and lend a bit of farmhouse whimsy to my decorating.

With a little imagination, you could even incorporate some of your harvest into a holiday wreath

I love searching the internet for ways to cultivate my gardening interests in the deep mid-winter.


  1. Cute! I love the tomato ornaments!!

    Hey - have a question.. as I drool over catalogs.. what do you do when you don't want 200 corn seeds? In other words - if you want to purchase seeds via a catalog and they don't come in batches of 10 - 25.. which is closer to the number that I would want...

  2. I like your decorations ! Maybe one of these days I can stop chopping ice. salting the d--- driveway and unthawing pipes long enough to get our Christmas tree out and up. I'm somewhat hopeful that this'll happen before the holiday.

    P.S. I laughed out loud at your french toast and the s---s comment on Melissa's snowmageddon in the south blog !

  3. What a great blog! I've been reading for an hour and just love the tone and can't believe all your hard work.