Sunday, November 27, 2011

End of Season Arts and Crafts

My mother came up with the most original use of garden scraps yet! Earlier this summer, she cut the stem end off an onion, and for some reason, set it aside on the window sill. A week or so later, she looked at it again and was struck by how closely it resembled a flower.

She spent the rest of the summer saving her onion ends, and hot glued them to a grapevine wreath form. Using white, yellow and red onions, she achieved a wide palette of color.

This was not the end of her creativity. She also gathered up dried artichokes from last year, and some "mummified" turnips that she pulled out of the garden after leaving them in the ground all winter. This wreath is now gracing the inside of my garden shed, as it obviously would not do well out in the elements.

I am finally getting to some of my own decorating projects. Today I made roller shades using this fun fabric I bought on Ebay... well over a year ago! By next spring the garden shed ought to be cutely decorated.

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  1. Your mom is awesome (and awfully clever to come up with that).