Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year Planning

With the horrible cold weather over a good portion of the U.S. I'm sure many people are finding this an opportune time to settle in, catch up on indoor projects, read a good book, make some soup with their stored harvest, dream about Spring....  I have a small collection of glossy coffee table books and a ring binder full of torn out magazine pages that I like to look through for gardening inspiration.  But the new millemia of Social Media has given us a a fabulous new tool to inspire us through the winter months. Pinterest!

If you don't know what that is or don't understand the concept, Pinterest is the computerized version of your scrap book or cork board hoard.  See a photo on the internet you'd love to save?  Don't print it.  Don't even  bother to download it.  Just Pin It.  How about a great article?  A post from a gardening blog? A product you'd like to try, or even recommend.  A recipe to save for later?  Pin it. Pin it. Pin it.Pin it.

You can organize these items into separate "bulletin boards".  And even better, you can look through everyone else's boards.  If you begin following a person's board, every time they pin something to their board, it comes up on your "newsfeed" so you can peruse it and pin it if you like.  You can even find similar pins and find other boards where it has been pinned so you can begin following those boards of like minded pinners.  And sometimes, most fun of all, you will find where someone has pinned something you did.

And so without further adieu, I give you January Garden Inspiration compliments of Pinterest:

Isn't this a great design for a tomato support?

I wonder what this beautiful set up cost

A stylish was to keep those pesky critters out

10 Easy Ways to Preserve Herbs

Grow Your Own Sweet Potatoes

Thrifty Storage Solutions

Great ideas for storing harvest

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