Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Progress

The eggplants are looking luscious.  The Purple Beauty Bell peppers are doing well and I ended up with two extra spares to give away.

From the tomatoes, the Blue Beauty seeds all germinated, and I have at least one out of three from all the other varieties with old or saved seeds. The Dr. Wyche is the last to try to live, but those seeds are the oldest.  Time for new ones next year. I filled my extra seeding spaces with Barlow Jap seeds and as usual, every single one sprouted.  The last one I tried to ignore but it tried so hard to live I felt guilty and transplanted it too.  So everyone in the family can have more than one this year.  Next week these two flats are moving out to the cold frame.

In the garden on Good Friday I planted peas, carrots, and more lettuce.  I have Nasturtium and Zinnias germinating in the cold frame and the cold frame lettuce had to be moved outside to cooler climes.  The asparagus is beginning to sprout.

Next week it's time to start squash and melons on the cold frame.

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