Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Cluster of Cantaloupes

The melon patch is looking like a success.  I've found a cluster o' cantaloupes
And the watermelon have begun to bloom.  We're having a pretty good growing year.  
What a difference a year makes:

The melon patch this year

The melon patch last year (Aug 8th).
Different varieties, different location.

The black beans have outrun the fusarium root rot with the help of more Blood Meal.
Cucumbers are thriving on the right and beginning to set

Cukes last year refused to thrive and were battling root rot themselves.
The black beans were not yet planted

This year four beautiful Dunja zucchini plants

Just about ready to pick

The single zucchini plant last year.  Just before the Horned Squash Bugs found it.
And killed it.

Last year's tomato/eggplant/pepper bed on the fourth of July

This year's tomato/eggplant/pepper bed.
I've already had to go in there armed with scissors and tomato ties
We've had a very wet May and June and July is following suit.  There have been just enough hot sunny days.  So far no major pest infestations but I have begun to find Japanese Beetles.  The tidy lushness of June is beginning to give way to general dishevelment.

The Tater Patch
But to compensate for the jungleness, we are beginning to enjoy our harvest.  Peas are in full swing and I've already pulled one row.  The lettuce is bolting and will soon make way for more cucumbers and bush beans.  Carrots are ready to begin and we are teetering on the brink of a zucchini avalanche.

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