Saturday, October 8, 2016


Summer is over and the time has come.  
Last weekend we pulled and cut and put away and buttoned up.
Now comes a lot of leaf blowing,

There were plenty of green tomatoes

and jalapenos for stuffing and chopping

I still have a batch of bush beans going strong.
Bush beans will keep going until frost takes them out.

This morning I cut a week's worth of lettuce before the rain came.
This summer I bought this lettuce keeper which I really like. 
It's nice to have a dedicated container that has a set place in the fridge so
I don't have to free up the right container or use plastic bags.

And this is what is left to grow on.
The romaine in particular is big and beautiful.

Here are the last of the zucchini.  There is one plant left and it
is no longer putting out male flowers so this is it.

The strawberries rebounded from their severe hair cut.

I am almost half way through unplanting my combination pots saving the spikes and vines for next year.  These are going in the warm south facing window wall at my office and the vinca vines do fine in the cold frame.

We are enjoying the fall mums.  We have a pair of these at the doorway and I like the tri-color so well I'm going to try to winter them over for next year.  They are hardy so they should be OK in the cold frame too. 

And for next weekend's project - a hundred and fifty daffodil bulbs to plant.


  1. I'm surprised that you don't grow any Winter vegetables. Are there not some that are hardy enough to survive - like Leeks, Cabbage, PSB?

    1. We aren't really used to using the sort of things that would grow in the winter. Not last winter, but the winter before (2014/2015) we had waist deep snow, -10*/-30*F temps, and frost in the ground 48 inches. So if we were planning to grow winter vegetables, we would have had to have some sort of greenhouse protection just to get to them.

  2. I wish I thought ahead like you do---I never get around to planting those spring bulbs and deeply regret it every spring.........

    1. I try to plant a little something every year. If we have a pleasant spring it is so nice to have something blooming to enjoy.

  3. My bulbs will have to wait until the soil receives at least SOME moisture before I plant them. Fortunately we have a long window to get bulbs in the ground!