Thursday, May 18, 2017

Container Gardening - combination pots

We interrupt this season's search for the perfect petunia for an absolutely brilliant tip on potting up combination pots.  I have three whiskey barrels and a couple other large containers to plant in my landscaping and it's not a process I've ever really enjoyed because of all the planning and placement and respacing and adding and subtracting of soil.  It always ends up being a bit of a messy business, especially if you are working with spreading plants that are mature and filling out.

  • Just take spare empty pots the size of the ones you are removing the plants from.  
  • Place them in the larger container the way you want them.  
  • Fill the potting soil around them and firm it up.  
  • Remove the small pots one by one and replace with the plant itself.
How easy is that?  Now I'm looking forward to potting up all those containers!

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