Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Signs of Spring

Winter Aconite flowers.  Up until Sunday these were buried under
a three foot deep block of ice which Tim helped me clear away

Crocuses will be blooming in a week or two

Under the snow the Primrose are always green

Not sure I will be seeding peas this weekend.
Its hard to get in the mood when everything is still iced over.

The first Robins.  Not 10 minutes ago.
And for several days I have heard the Red Winged 
Blackbirds which are just as much a sign of Spring



  1. No matter what, the snow does melt eventually and Old Man Winter (perhaps begrudgingly) does permit Spring to make herself known. What a great piece of equipment to cover the Primrose!

    1. Yes, I use those wire cloches a lot. I also use them for crocus.
      Once the spring flowers no longer need to be protected, I rotate them around to whatever delightful delectable perennial sprout might be tempting the deer. Gardeners now sells riser collars for them that make them taller and wider. I need to get some of those.