Saturday, May 15, 2021

Time to harden off the tomato plants

 Its that time of year again.  Time to harden off the tomato seedlings.  Night time temps will soon be in the 50s.  I should be excited about the milestone but it's a chore.  It takes several days of in and out and constant monitoring. 

 My seed starting setup is in the basement.  Which means this isn't as simple as picking up the flat and walking out the door.  There is a stairway to deal with. I suppose I could rearrange things and make room in the cold frame.  But I think the answer this time is to move my grow light out to the garden shed counter.  That will simplify things a LOT.  I mean they'll be in the way, but at least they will be only 10 level feet from where I can set them out.  And they will be setting out near the garden where I'm working and won't be forgotten over by the house.

These seedlings are growing by leaps and bounds.  They have the fan running on them five hours a day and I am having to adjust the light higher every day. 

Yep, I think this whole set up is moving out to the garden shed today.

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