Monday, October 12, 2009


All the perennials have been cut and the mulch is raked clean and piled around tender roots leaving a clean slate for next spring.

The garden shed add on is complete, and we will spend the winter on details such as a potting bench and hanging some of my garden collectibles where I can enjoy them. Next year we will put a "deck" from the door on the left around the front and landscape around it. I also have plans for a cold frame on the south wall.

My pots, planters and seedling flats have been scrubbed with bleach water and stacked away.

The fencing and grow through grids and seasonal yard decorations have found a home in the "outhouse" which used to house my gardening equipment. This building was free and sports our old bathroom door. My husband once started to shingle it, but decided it didn't improve it's looks any. It has been moved 4 times since we got it, and is now stuck back in the woods where we can't see it. If there is enough scrap left over after we side the garage next year it might get a refinish. It is a nice out of the way place to store things we don't need often because it is just small enough to be a real hassle to get in and out of. Which is why it failed as a garden shed. If there's no room to step up in, you have a tendency to set things just inside the door. Yes, that is one clutter trap I will not miss!

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