Thursday, May 13, 2010


It had to happen sooner or later. Some of my tomatoes were so tall that the grow lights had run out of UP, and were in serious danger of tipping. So, tonight I hauled them out to the garden shed, cleared a space on the bench which has become construction central, and transplanted the worst of the batch into gallon pots... until I ran out of gallon pots. And flats.

So, I now have to add 10 minutes to my morning schedule to move them from the garden shed outside to a sheltered spot each day, because there is no way they are fitting back into the dining room. This is as good a week as any since we are having overcast days and they are at least risk for sunburn as any time. I still have plants inside, put they are smaller, and I was able to adjust juggle things around and lower both grow lights.

The fence is proceeding at a steady pace despite the fact that it rains half of each day.

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  1. Having spent some of my formative years ankle deep in hog manure, I vote concentration camp as an alternate endeavour for your spiffy new garden fence. I honestly believe it'd be easier to zone than a hog farm too ! :)