Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fine Gardening Grow Vol. 8

Fine Gardening's special issue of Grow Volume 8 is on newstands now.  I picked up my copy at Tractor Supply, but you can order it online here.   Warning: I ordered Volume 7 from Tauton Press (as I have done before), and this time it came from Nova Scotia or some damned place (no joke).  It took forever since it had to go through customs.  Look for it in town before you resort to that.  All the articles in this issue are of interest to me and I've already wasted some ofice time previewing it.  The "Tips From Readers" section is back which I missed in Volume 7, and there is an entertaining piece on Dangerous Garden Gnomes.  Don't miss it.

In other News:  I pulled out the peas in Bed #1, which I planted March 15th, and planted bush beans in their place.  I got every last pea off those vines and yielded 19 meals for two from two packets of 200 seeds.

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  1. Thank you so much for the book reference. Your gardens are just stunning...but I would have expected nothing less!!