Monday, June 11, 2012

June and Counting

My garden is growing faster than I can blog.  We were out of town for a wedding and everything tripled in size while we were gone.  One of the perks of sharing a garden is that you have a built in caretaker when you have to leave.  I rounded up all my containers that require daily watering and put them in the garden so Mike and Shelly could water and keep an eye on them.  I always go through and kill off any questionable looking plants before I leave someone else in charge because I don't want them to feel bad if something dies on their watch!

And since I'm so behind on my own garden blog fodder, here are some pictures from Bob and Trish's garden down the road.  The photos are a couple of weeks old.

The large row garden has just been put in.

They have added several raised beds.  Here the potatoes on the left were put in in March like mine were on an experimental basis.
Gardeners are always learning and evolving.  In addition to the raised beds, Bob and Trish were laughing about the fact that it took them 31 years of gardening to realise they needed a second string to efficiently lay out their double rows of sweet corn!

They have pest problems too and have built removable cages over the most enticing edibles.

Tim and Mike built this rack to keep some tools out on the poop deck.  Finally, those triplicates of everything an find a home and a use.  This rack is welded up out of scraps, bolted to the retaining wall and sprayed with rubberised undercoating to prevent rust.

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