Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Christmas Season

The Christmas Season is well underway here.  The third batch of Glögg is cooling on the stove, and the first batch of cookie dough is chilling on the porch.  Thursday is the neighborhood cookie swap and we will be ready!

The house is decorated and although I have not purchased a single new vegetable Christmas ornament this year, I did go with a new decorating theme.  Burlap.  It seems a country gardener sort of trend worth embracing.  

I have natural colored burlap in the living room, and cream colored in the dining room where I display my cream and green graniteware. I purchased every burlap poinsettia in town, and the living room is accented with dark red burlap poinsettias

There were no cream colored poinsettias to be had locally (although I've found some mail order ones for next year) so bows were the obvious solution.

The tree was the most fun to reinvent.  Last year after our little Hemlock had lost every singe needle I purchased a nice table top sized artificial tree on sale.  

I wanted to keep with the simple country theme so I went with handmade Swedish straw ornaments, gold balls, and handmade egg ornaments.

I've been saving these blown out poulet eggs for years.  They are in shades of cream, soft brown, and green.  I put wires through them, secured by plastic beads.  In person they are really beautiful.

Of course I have tubs and tubs full of  ornaments and floral picks left over...

... so I just go around the house scattering them...

Nothing is ignored...

Even a vintage kitchen sieve full of ornaments looks festive.

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