Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Early June Garden Update

It's amazing how fast Black Beans come up.  I planted this bed in two sections two days apart.  Sunday we got 2 inches of rain and the next day I had a little army of bean plants.  A row of Cucumbers runs down one edge.  Beans and cukes do well together in this bed.  I have just started a flat of cucumbers which will be planted with bush beans when the lettuce bolts in a couple of weeks.

This bed of Black Beans is a week ahead of the other.  I have a row of Bush Beans down one side.

The peas are beginning to set pods and I love my neat row of Butter Head and Romaine lettuce.
The large bed is for picking.  This row is for admiring.

The vigorous Blue Beauty tomato plant is the first to bloom.  This double bloom will produce fused fruit.

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