Saturday, June 20, 2015

They're Baa-Ack

I lay in bed by the open window listening to the cry of the red tailed hawk and enjoying the fact that it was Saturday.  Then I realized:  I can't just lay here.  I have beetles!  And thus I was up with the sun and so was able to enjoy the single hour of sunshine we are going to have today.  Because the cucumber beetles are back.  I got a break last year, but not this year.  So I got up early while the leaves were still cool and wet with dew and stuck at least three dozen beetle bug butts to duct tape before the sun warmed and woke them.  

There were noticeably fewer flea beetles hatched this year.  Plants have sustained minor damage, but not enough to bother covering them.  When I set out transplants it was over a week before the beetles even found them.

The cantaloupes are taking off.  Thank goodness I chose to put them in containers this year because we are above average rain and below average temps and everything is damp and soggy.  

My newly planted Honeoye strawberries are beautiful and producing just enough for salad toppings (garnish salad with strawberries,fresh peas, feta cheese and either strawberry vinaigrette or honey mustard dressing)

The garden in general is picture perfect this year.

I've brought out my laundry tubs for planters, leaving one basin open for rinsing produce.

I've been digging the "potato weeds" out of the squash bed and using the new potatoes

And my annual plantings are adding color.

Today's Lunch Specials:
Spring Pea Soup with mint & sour cream
Photo Credit and Recipe
My Recipe Note:  Cook time is for frozen peas.  Cook fresh peas at least 10 minutes to improve the texture of your soup.  And you can get by with less broth

Salt Potatoes
Photo Credit and Recipe
My Recipe Note: I used fresh thyme for my herb garnish