Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weed Potatoes

I had to weed the squash bed again (last year's potato bed).
I swear if you don't keep up with these things they get away from you!. 

 And I'm glad I didn't over plant potatoes this year.
This is the main crop.
There's another storm brewing in the south...

The Northern Spy apple tree has held a half dozen nice apples on it 
( and dropped about 20).  I'm glad I didn't worry about hand pollinating it!
The heavy fruit and constant rain have bowed it over in the middle with the weight and we had to  stiffen it with a bamboo pole wired back to a stake
Otherwise it would be reaching towards the ground.  It sure is an over achiever!
It's mate is a much shaplier tree, but a ne'r-do-well who only set a couple of apples and those aren't growing at all.  Our older trees are laden too but the squirrels will get those I'm sure.  They always do.

The main lettuce bed is thinning out.  I have a few heads of bib lettuce left and then two rows of younger plants down each side.  The second planting of cucumbers will go in down the middle shortly.  

I have a third row of lettuce ready to use along the edge of the bean bed.

The first two rows of peas need to be pulled as well as that lettuce that is bolting. There are nice carrots on the other side.  It was a very productive bed but will rest the rest of the year.

These peas are producing now.  This is the first time I've ever had to pick UP peas.  They are higher than my head, almost higher than my reach.

.....and then it started to rain again.

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