Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Harvest Waits for No Man

Once you plant a garden you are committed for the season.  Things will ripen.  They must not go to waste.  The garden does not care that I am hobbling around on one leg.  It has been tended.  It is coming to fruition.

I was out of state for four days for a funeral.
This is what I returned to.

Today's Harvest

I froze a gallon of green beans last weekend along with half my harvest of hot peppers.   Today will be another gallon of beans.  I can't complain, the beans are beautiful and tall and easy to pick.  I also picked the first zucchini from one of the last plants which survived being uprooted by the coons.  The late planting experiment proved to be a success.  One plant succumbed to disease the week I was gone so I pulled it.  The remaining plant is thriving and producing.

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