Sunday, September 27, 2015

Buttoned up for Winter

Last weekend we pulled out what was left of the garden.  I put away a bushel of beautiful potatoes, a gallon of beans and some odds and ends of cucumbers.  Then yesterday Tim covered the beds with road fabric.  We plan on letting the raised beds rest next year and this will keep the weeds down and solarize the soil.  I won't be giving up gardening entirely.  I still have my 8x8 bed left for a few necessities like tomatoes and cucumbers.  But this will free up a lot of time to get some other outside projects completed.  Like finally painting the doors to the garden shed.

My 8x8 bed is still active.  I have my second planting zucchini plant and some lettuce.  Last year my lettuce kept going until we had a hard frost of about 20 degrees which was mid November

This is actually the second planting of fall lettuce.  The first one was in the big garden and went with everything else.  Do this is my third crop of lettuce this year. 

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