Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hoosier Chimney Cupboard Restoration Part 2

The shellacked Lauan for reference
Tim has been taking advantage of our lovely dry autumn weather and sanding outside.  A cupboard this age is just full of lead paint and arsenic and every other vile substance known to the 20th century.

He's still using 80 grit and trying to take the swirls that someone's orbital sander left.  The cabinet was a little rickety as we were taking it apart but the individual pieces held up well and do not need repair.

The frame is Poplar which is identified by green
and purple streaks on a yellowish background

There are three kinds of wood in it.  Tim says they probably used leftover pieces from their better cabinets to put in their paint grade ones.

There are some nice pieces of red oak
And the plywood is maple.

And remember those nasty shelves?  They actually looked pretty nice under all that gook although a couple of them have deep black stains.

Part 3 to be found 


  1. How do you keep the CAT from KNOCKING ALL YOUR DECORATIONS TO THE FLOOR REPEATEDLY???? Signed, An Anonymous Canadian from....oh, I don't know......Lynnville, TN.

  2. My cat is trained. Yours thinks its a mountain goat. Has she been hanging out with the goats?