Sunday, October 11, 2015

The End of Our Rope

This post falls under the heading "Adventures in Landscaping". It's amazing what sort of adventures we can get into on any given Sunday.  Long ago, at another house, in what now seems like a previous life, we had a water feature.  And around that water feature we had a rope.  It was a nice rope, wound around the posts, reminiscent of the shore.  Tim has it in the back of his mind that he would like to do something like that again.  But we have no rope.  Had no rope.  We now have rope,  Lotsa rope.

The water feature at the previous house
This past summer, at the Tuesday Auction, Tim found a spool of rope.  A big one.
A friend of his wanted the spool, and Tim only wanted the rope.  So for $10...well, actually for $0 because we didn't have to pay for the spool... We just relieved the spool from the unwanted rope. ...we got a Sunday adventure.

This, right here, is the end of our rope.
Today we decided to unwind our rope from Friend's spool and coil it up and put it away.  So we began to unroll the rope.

There is goes... around the garage...

And down the driveway...

A long ways.  But, there is still a LOT of rope.

We were beginning to wonder how much.  And this "unrolling" was more like wrestling.  Someone had unwound a bunch of rope and then put it back very badly. One person would stand on the rope while the other person hauled on the spool.   Then we'd switch.  Because the rope really didn't want to come off this spool.  We tried unrolling together, Tim pushing and I pulling.

It was exhausting.  And then we were still going to have to coil up all that rope.
Finally we got the the other end of our rope.  After going all the way down the drive and then back some, and then the other way again.  We got out the 100 foot tape measure and cut the rope into 200 foot sections.  Two of them.  And a 75 foot section.  And just in case we had a small project, a 30 foot section.  Are you keeping up?  That's 505 feet of rope.  Now if you were to go to the store and buy heavy rope like this you would probably have to pay at least a $1 a foot.  Of course this isn't nice new store bought rope.  This is really smelly old rope.
I have no idea what we are going to do with that much rope.

The Other End of Our Rope


  1. Goodness me. Glad you got the bargain and not me....that would be enough rope to.....uh.....hang myself. :)


  2. I bought closeout rope ( 1", white, 130 ft.) at Home Depot for a penny a foot to make rope baskets. Changed my mind and 12 years later, I still have a great big bundle and no idea what to do with it.

    I enjoy your blog, very inspirational.